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NIB 29-2 question?

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I picked up a NIB nickle plated 29-2 a few days ago. It is crispy new, with slight signs of the test firing of three cylinders, wood case, perfect lining, accessories and all paperwork was under the liner. It is a 6.5" barrel.

I was reading the Standard catalogue of S&W and they say the 6.5 inch bbl is a premium even though it is more common than the 6". Whats the deal with that?

It appears to be from the mid-1970's.

I bought it to shoot it, but it is so new that I'm thinking that would be a terrible waste. Should it get used or should I keep it as is?
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Shoot it!
If you bought a 75 TransAm with .4 on the odometer, would you drive it? ;)
Shoot it! Thats what she was made for....
I couldn't agree with Geoff more! Why did you buy it, in the first place, anyway? There are those that collect guns to look at, and as an investment. There are others, like Geoff and myself, that buy guns to use them.

I just take extra care of my nice guns, but I do use them. I have several, bought NIB, that are now shooters/carry guns. They may lose some value, but shooting and using them, just adds to the enjoyment! ;) Bob
I would shoot it. I bought one as you describe NIB a couple of years ago and have put several rounds through it. It still looks fantastic and I have had the enjoyment of shooting a fine revolver.
Shoot it! Can't think of a bigger waste than having a gun and not shooting it.
Do what I did, buy 2 and shoot one. In '03 I found the exact same thing nib for $400, mfg '81 I think. Took me a long tome to make up my mind to buy it, like .3 of a second. In '07 found another, nib, and like yours was from mid 70's. Paid $650. Not a bad average I think. I have fired the first one.

That was when S&W engineered beauty and desire in their revolvers.
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