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Next up... Black Beauty

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Next up is a 38/44 Heavy Duty from 1954.

She was rebuilt and had their Master reblue done by Horace Booth at Ford's a few years ago. He did an amazing job.. I've heard he's semi-retired now and someone else is doing the bulk of the work. That's too bad. He's a true artisan..

Stags are by Patrick. Note the lack of bark. I really, really like this pair! They're the best work I've seen by him..

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that is indeed a beauty. It is early, and I know i have limited knowledge of the 38/44 hd buried back in my brain somewhere, but can you shoot .38spl throught that baby?
Yes, that's what it's chambered for.

These guns can handle just about anything in the 38 Special line, including the old FBI load. Very stout gun..
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That's beautiful. There's just something about those old fixed-sight N-frames....

shortranger said:
That's beautiful. There's just something about those old fixed-sight N-frames....

Yes David there is....

This one has been tweeked a little..... but is on the same theme....
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Awesome!! I really like those smooth stags on it.
Very, very nice guns, guys. Thanks, Carl, Drew.

This would be a perfect desert rat gun.... 1965 Model 58 Frame, Model 29-2 Cylinder, .38-44 Barrel rebored to .429" and resighted.... Lightwieght (for an N-Frame), silky smooth 1960's action, portable and powerful.... can't wait for the snowbanks to melt off some so I can get into the sandpit and see how she shoots....

On top of that it's had a very colorful history of precious owners who are my dear friends including Chris "N-Frame" Helm and Many "LowrdrFXR" McNeil....

Dang you guys...Carl posts a spectacular looking gun, Drew follow's it up with trade-bait for the next Red Neck Shoot. Your bringin' that one along, right Drew?.... :mrgreen:

Yup.... I'll bring it and maybe, just maybe I'll let you touch it, but it ain't bait.... I've waited years for this gun.... many years.... ;)
That is a beautiful gun Carl that blueing is like black chrome and the grips accentuate it.
Drew, great to see that one is going to be in such good hands. I look forward to your range report, should be good to see if your loads work like mine did in it.

Absolutely Beautiful guys!

I love the sights on those guns! :D
Thanks for the kind words, guys..

I'm starting to get the hang of using a light box. Takes some getting used to, but I think it's worth the effort.

I hope y'all are enjoying my project so far..
Sweet lookin' gun you have there Carl. How does it shoot? And the stags, oh yes, I have a set of his smooth/barkless in round butt K frame size. Absolutely stunning grips, bone white with just a bit of color in them. here they are on a gun I recently sold.

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Those stags of yours are beautys!

Did you keep them when you sold that gun?

My 38/44 shoots like a dream.. Horace did a great job on 'er. Being an N frame shooting 38 Specials, she handles the recoil quite well.
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