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Next up.. 38 M&P

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This Pre-Model 10 is from 1948-49. I'm not really sure which, as the SCSW doesn't break it down that far and I don't really see the need to obtain a factory letter for this revolver. Serial number C96825. If anyone has something close and can narrow the date down a little for me, I'd appreciate it.

As you can see, she doesn't have original grips. In fact, I traded with Patrick Grashorn for this gun and it came to me with stags on it. (imagine that!) The stags now reside on another, and I had these very nice early Target grips laying around, so..

The grips are actually early Targets that have been expertly modified for speed loader use and ease of extraction. When I first got these grips, I looked into it a little and was told that was sometimes done early-on, which is what led to the Targets having the football cutout.

Anyway, here's the latest photo. I hope y'all enjoy!

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those cutouts would come pretty handy. It is certainly a pain to extract empties, and then reload with a speed loader on my m10. may have to look into that...
carl418, I have a M&P with 5" bbl., C39593. I have a letter from Mr. Jinks that gives it a shipping date of December 7th 1948. :cool:

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thanks, pistola.. that helps narrow it down.

Nice looking revolver, too!
I love the M&P. The first revolver I shot was my dad's 5 screw m&P from the early 50's. I was horrible with the sights. But did learn to be pretty decent at sight shooting with it. (not true point shooting, but just looking down the barrell.)
I just realized that the pic I posted was not the finished product.. It was too dark.

It's now corrected.. :oops: :oops:

For some reason, I'm having difficulty with the matte-finish guns. I'm beginning to think I need some sort of low level lighting in front of the light box..
Carl, Those Target grips on that gun look to me like the Target grips that S&W used before 1981, when they introduced the speedloader cut-out. They had the "football relief" indentation to allow for easier extraction of cartridges from the inside of the cylinder. Not for use of speedloaders.

I had a set of those grips on my 98% M-67. When I attempted to use a speedloader, one of the inner cartridges got hung up 3/4 of the way out. It ended up bouncing against the side plate, making a couple of dents! :eek: Needless to say....I was not happy.......and never used a speedloader again!!!! :x I load the old fashioned at a time, by hand. tnbtlaa Bob
Actually, these grips pre-date the football style Targets. It's not easy to tell in the picture, but a much larger area has been smoothed out than what was done on the football targets.

This style Target grip was used in the early 1950s. The Target grip you're referring to started about 1955 or so, after it became obvious that an extractor relief was needed.
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