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News Years Karma give Away

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Hi Everybody. Been a while since I have done this . SO I want to change my 2021 Karma

I am giving away a set (2) of HKS Model M-3 Speedloaders. These will fit a Colt 6 shot Cobra. Detective Special or any Colt .38 Special like the Diamonback!! May also fit Ruger Security Six and Speed Six.

To win just write Put me in for 2021

Winners will be picked from random Drawing on Jan 2nd 2021.

Free to the winner and Ill pay the shipping to your address.

So Are you In for 2021

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DRUM ROLE PLEASE The Lucky Winner of the 2 HKS M-# Speedloaders . done by Random Drawing IS ????? !!!!!

IS JEEP NUT From N. E. Georgia who joined in 2014.

A big thanks You to all who registered to win my Karma Giveaway. and Happy New year to All
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Very nice karma and congratulations to Jeepnut! :)
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I received the speed loaders and are in excellent shape. They doe fit the Detective Special and the Colt Officers Model Target which should also fit the Official Police too. The Cobra has the wood grips and they do not fit in it. But that is OK. I do like having them as can carry them with me and the Detective Special. Thanks very much Layne.

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Very nice ending and very nice, tremendously gracious offering from the OP! :D
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