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These Model 686-4’s were made from 1992 to 1996 and then shipped to Germany from 1993 to 1996 for distribution to the European market. They were first worked over by S&W's Performance Center where a match barrel, target hammer, and target trigger were installed and fitted. In Frankonia, Germany, Woscho (now Club 30) gunsmiths further hand fitted parts, tuned and tightened the revolvers to competitive standards for club's shooting teams in Germany, Holland, Austria to note some of the countries who received these revolvers. When the European Union was formed, stricter guns laws were enacted for member nations terminating the importations of many firearms. Likely that at least some of these revolvers were not sold in the European market and were in turn sold and returned to S&W who sold them as used revolvers. Finish is satin bead blasted stainless. The Nill target grips were not installed and S&W sold these M686-4's as used guns with Pachmayr grips. This revolver has an unusual "Etched" in serial number and there are "Etched" parts marked by the German gunsmiths along with some proof marks.

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