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Hello everyone, I was fortunate enough to have recently come into a model 29-3 silhouette with 10 5/8” barrel and the four position adjustable front sight.
I guess I always assumed each set screw in the front sight would have positive clicks like a typical rear sight does. That doesn’t appear to be the case and they turned pretty easily which makes me assume they’re going to rotate under the recoil of the gun.
I tried to find it online and can’t quite get what I’m looking for but did Smith And Wesson recommend a drop of Loctite in each hole once you have them dialed in where you want them?
The stocks in the photo is how it came to me but from everything I can tell it would’ve shipped from the factory with a speed loader cut out stocks.
I put a few photos of it next to my 8 inch 29-2 nickel for a size reference.
Thanks for looking and any information at all in that front so it would be great. Brian


1 - 1 of 3 Posts