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New Target for Drills

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A few years ago I came up with an idea for a target and drill using 2 squares and 2 circles, each a different color. I can't t find a picture but here is version 2 with a 5th color & 3rd shape. Version 1 was just like this minus the triangle
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We shoot this where 1 guy is at 15 feet with bolstered gun. Other person behind the shooter yells "Threat!"
Shooter begins drawing gun, and while he is doing that, the other guy calls a color, or shape which you have to double tap.
I was thinking that version 2 is a little busy with 5 colors and it means I need a lot of spray paint on hand. I came up with what I think will be more challenging than V1, while not as busy as V2
Here is version 3
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On the version 1 target there were 4 colors between the 2 squares & 2 circles and we called 1 color then eventually 2 colors, but not shapes. With version 2 we would call a color or colors or shape, but there is only 1 triangle and with all the colors & shapes it could get confusing . With version 3 you get 2 targets whether you call a color or shape
When we first started shooting this drill we began at a low ready position before going on to drawing from our concealed carry location. I also have downsized the shapes a bit from the original
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Pretty neat idea 馃憤馃徎
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Saw a "Professional" on some gun show talking about muscle memory and how hand/eye coordination works. He said when you stand up in front of a target, your brain/nervous system kind of pre-loads what is about to take place as far as where you focus your attention and the position your arm/hand are going to be in when you fire. Not knowing exactly which target you are going to engage makes you think while drawing the gun, but your thoughts are on which target you have to shoot, instead of on drawing the gun. My shapes are 7 inches across in versions 2 & 3
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