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I have a new Performance Center and I did have a problem initially with getting all the rounds in the mag. Read a review by Massad Ayoob shooting this pistol-loved it but he couldn't get all of the rounds in one of the mags and gave up.. :cool:

I bought an extra 13 round mag when I purchased the pistol and it was HELL to get all of the rounds in one of the mags-I mean super human effort! Loaded up ALL three of the mags as soon as I got my hands on them and after about two weeks I could load and insert the mags without a great deal of effort. One of the 13 round mags still takes a little bit of a thump to seat but no big deal.

One of the 13 round mags was tougher than the other and I inserted that one in the pistol because that provides even a bit more downward force on the top round in the mag as it receives downward pressure from the slide when the slide is forward. After a couple of weeks all was good.
It was very easy for me to load 13 with
LLSPLUSSpeed Beez® Lever Loader Compatible With Smith & Wesson Shield Plus® 9mm Magazine
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