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M&P Shields X5
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I am going to thin my heard & am going to sell 5-6 pistols that see little use & get down to 2-3 total
Picked a Shield Performance Center Plus up about a month ago & love it, & have a 2.0 Shield 7/8 round model that was my late twin brothers
Now my LGS has a Shield Plus for $349 & a Shield 40 S&W Gen 1 also for $349, what are they trying to do to me?
Realize in late 2019 my brother wanted a good carry piece & I researched the web & came up with the M&P Shield 9mm for him
When we went in to buy one, they had three & one was a 2.0 & priced @ $249, I still have the box with the price tag
The prices seem to have risen $100+ since the covid-19 & BS where the Gov. have everyone $2000 twice = increased inflation twice, Thanks Guys!
+ price of ammo went sky high & has dropped some but is still out of this world crazy expensive
Might pick that $349 Shield Plus up or put it on layaway for $35 tomorrow for a Christmas Gift...
They also have a $229 S&W SD9VE that's talking to me & I already have a SD9 FDE

M&P Shields ROCK!
Trigger Air gun Revolver Gun barrel Gun accessory
Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Airsoft gun

Also have a M&P Shield M2.0 380EZ in the stash too...
Tool Luggage and bags Gas Air gun Gun accessory

Should I sell my Glock 19X, Glock 43X, Springfield Hellcat OSP, SIG Sauer P365XL, S&W SD9 FDE & Taurus 85CH?
Have been thinking hard about doing just that... = SOON!

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M&P Shields X5
143 Posts
Went up to the LGS & had a look at the Shield Plus they showed in stock online for $349.00
First off it only had one 13 round magazine, BUT had M&P Branded Ameriglo night sights with the front orange just like my Glock 43X has
And it's Optics Ready Too! also No Manual Safety, no box
I couldn't turn it down for $349.99 so I put it on layaway for $35
Serial #JNU007* looked "As New" maybe one magazine shot threw it
It has to be worth $350 & I have a Romeo Zero from my SIG Sauer P365XL to go on it too = WIN WIN OH YEAH!
From what I can tell these were released about 11 1/2 months ago on October 15th 2021
Also came with a RH polymer paddle holster from Blackhawk Tactical (y)
Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Revolver

Owe $314.00
Might Pick it Up in a Few Days or Tomorrow Maybe? I have the money + am going to thin the heard right away & mount a Romeo Zero on this Shield Plus O.R.
What a Bargain for all that it has & being it was missing the 2nd magazine & box, which I have BTW 👇
Tool Gadget Font Magenta Auto part

Cases custom fit for M&P Shield 3.1" 👇
Orange Luggage and bags Gas Bag Personal protective equipment
Textile Yellow Wood Font Tableware

I have seven Shield 3.1" Holsters in the stash that await the new kid, three are OWB paddles by Fobus, Pittbull & Blackhawk Tactical
Purple Bag Electric blue Rectangle Font

Tulster & Crossbreed above ☝
Hand Glove Handgun holster Sleeve Gesture

Homemade above here ☝ Blackhawk Tactical Clip ambi below 👇
Rectangle Digital camera Gadget Camera Electronic device

Worthless Cardboard S&W Box
Packing materials Rectangle Wood Gas Hardwood

Note: Price tag = $259, Thank you very much! That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me ... Thank You Very Very Very Much. Ebenezer Scrooge
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