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New member with the first S&W, 637...

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Hello everyone.
I am glad to find and join in this forum. Even with brief browsing around on this forum, I could find a lot of helpful information and discussions. Very cool.
Well, I got this little 637 new from Cabela's, and finally took it out to field today. Ten yard distance and the bullet hits 6 inches 10 o'clock from the center. Would this be normal for 637? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Welcome to the forum, Su-won!

Nice choice of revolver. You got it for concealed carry?

As far as the accuracy goes, that's not very normal. When you say it hits at ten o'clock and six inches from center, are you saying all the rounds hit there? In other words, is the grouping pretty good but not hitting center?

One of our members recently posted something that should help you get that straightened out. Check this out..

One of the keys to getting good accuracy is practice, practice and more practice! Let us know how it goes and once again, welcome to the forum!
Hi Carl,
Yes a few people shot the 637 standing with two hands, single action. The grouping was not that great. May be 4 inch dia. at 10 yards. However, it was that much off from the aim, 6 inches to 10 or 11 oclock.
If I look at the gun from the top or bottom, the barrel is canted to left. The front sight is twisted toward left more for the proper aim, but the front sight needs to go left more.
It is just strange that the barrel is installed in that way. The gun seems to be made with good precision all around, except the way the barrel was put in.
Long time ago I tried my friend's J frame. It was very accurate, dead in the middle. The recoil was hard after 5 shots. When I got mine, I never doubted about the accuracy. Well, it turned out that the recoil was minimal (130 grain), but the bullet does not hit the target.
I tend to shot right with double action, so maybe it will cancel out the gun's error?
What should I do? Contact S&W?
Did you buy it at a store-front Cabelas? Or, did you get it off the internet? Also, how long ago?

If the barrel isn't installed correctly, S&W will fix it. But, depending on whether or not Cabelas is close by, it might be easier to let them deal with it.

If not, contact S&W and they'll send you the information to send it back to them.

I've never had the occasion to send anything back to S&W so don't have the information on how to get the ball rolling. Maybe one of our other members can provide an email address for you. Or, maybe just try their website and find a link there.
Welcome Su-Won.

You should call S&W and explain the issue to them. They will more than likely send you a shipping label and directions on how to ship it back to the factory.

Best of luck.
Glad you found us here!
Enjoy the forum.
Thanks everyone for welcoming me in this forum.
I just came back from Cabela's. They did not have gunsmith, but will ship it to S&W. By the way, I checked out another 637 in the display. The barrel looked very straight.
I hope S&W takes care of my gun well and soon.

Hi su-won,

A warm welcome to the forum. welcome01

Visit and post often. :mrgreen:
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