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new member here

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I've been a reader only on the blue forum for several years. could never register due to aol. started reading here when it first started...glad to be on. I am a retired army ltc, 27 years. life member vfw and il state rifle assoc. western chicago surburbs my home.
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Welcome friend,....

Like your handle...gotta be another Ruger fan. ;)

Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here..

By the way, I'm going to move this thread to the New Members Introduction forum.
Welcome aboard, i think you'll like it here...
Welcome from Arizona!
A picture or two go a long way here!
nugfaong and welcome01
Hi and welcome, ss1973.
Enjoy the site!
Another retired ossifer. Good! Welcome, stick around awhile. This place grows on you - like a fungus.
Welcome aboard! you've probably got some stories to tell, living near the heart of Obama country. Bet the Chicago gun show list is a quick read. :lol:
A warm welcome to the forum. welcome01

Visit and post often. welldone
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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