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New M&P40 Compact!

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Hey Guys,

New poster here in the auto loaders.....been over in the revolver pages, I'm proud owner of new M&P40 Compact! 1st auto. Felt like th right thing to do now rather than waiting.

I've been puttin' it off for over year now and just went up to the gun shop and picked it up. Actually I got to get it after I get the permit, prolly Mon or Tues.

Can't wait to try it out, I got 3 months free range membership with purchase!
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Nice choice for a 40 compact. I have one thats pretty accurate and sweet to shoot. Please let us know how accurate yours is; it'll be nice to see some pictures too.

Here's my 40c, bought early last year.

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Very nice!
No ****, 2 free mags sucks for me i got mine about a month or two ago.. But anyway i got my M&P 40c. just was at the range yesterday fired great!! I put about 200 rds through it and not problem at ALL!!!
I did send in for my free mags right after I got the gun. I also called S&W about the spare mag that came with the gun that didn't have the pinky finger extension. The guy said, "Do you want one? What's your address, I'll send you one." I got it Saturday so I loaded up both mags and went out back to fire it. I got 6" groups at 10 yds with Win White box 165 FMJ rounds.

The gun is very easy to handle with very little kick for a short gun.

I really like it!
what number did you call I want to call it.

I called 800-331-0852 asked for Customer Service, it took about a week to get it in mail. The guy was really nice about it, so it seemed like it was routine now.

To swap the new one in, just push in the button on bottom in center of the mag, slide off the old one, while retaining the spring assmebly, it will shoot out if you don't. While spring is retained with spring plate still in place, just slide on the new one on until the button pops in.

You'll like how it shoots. Very quick, smooth and doesn't kick.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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