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I've been going through my ammo boxes gathering empties so I could reload to pass the time. I've been to the range three times this week. I've taken the savage 99. the 25-20 and the Marlin 1894 32-20 to the range this week. So I started on new loads in my hand guns. I went to a 125 swc in my old BSR 38. This load I'm using I
got off Steves reloading pages. I figure it's running at 800 fps+. Good load in solid frame guns and a a really good load for
my 2in J frame.
I even took my 57 to the range the other day. I picked up a box of ammo id loaded for my Redhawk. I'd put a note on these that said HOG LOAD. After I fired a couple of cylinders on these I put it back in the case. I went
back to the house and ordered some rubber grips for the 57.
As long as I go to the range on weekdays I usually have it to myself or just the wife and I.
A problem with my Rem Speedmaster, the front sight is too loose. It won't stay where I set it. What to use, loktight?
Stay close and keep in contact with your families.
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