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New guy from Kentucky

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Maybe someone can help me...I've got a list here of some names of people that could possibly be having fun on all know who you are...just know your being watched! :D kljng;

Good to find another place where Smith fans congregate! Looking forward to getting to know everyone...and seeing all the nice Smith's.
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nugfaong and welcome01
Hi and welcome, spearcrow!
welcome aboard sir! I can feel the eyes on me now!
Hello Spearcrow!
Hmmm, I think I might know a fella' from Kentucky from another board.... ;) Wonder if it's the same guy?

Welcome Amigo...

Hi spearcrow,

A warm welcome to the forum, welcome01

Visit and post often, hpzl;n;
Hi pal. what part of Ky? I'm near Louisville.
Hey doubleharp, I'm down in the bowling green area. I actually saw you at the gun day show a few weeks ago up there, I think. I was up there with another forum pal and dick and charlie were getting a little too rough for us.. :D he pointed towards the front and said look for a guy sitting in a high chair... We found you, but at the time, looked like you were pretty busy. Plus, I was still seeing all of David Carrols guns in my head and couldn't think straight. Peeled out shortly after. Good to see ya on here!
yep, that would be me. You ever go to Cave city? That's my favorite small show. I set up in the first row on the left, back in the corner. They've added another show in mid April. Lots of good gun guys in central Kentucky.
Hey Crow, Glad you made the trip :mrgreen:

Nice place to hang your hat...

Su Amigo,
Thanks keith!

Doublesharp, I do try to make it to the cave city shows since they are so close. A lot of good guys as you say, and usually there are some decent deals on something there. I didn't know that there was going to be one in April, I will definately try to make it over there. Do you know the exact dates? I'll be sure and look for ya.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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