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New Equalizer

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Hi all,
I am new to the forum. Just picked up my new Equalizer on Thursday and took it to the range yesterday. I fed it two different brands of round nose, another brand flat nose, Sinter Fire hollow points, and Hornady Critical Defense, Even mixed them up in the mags. It ate everything just fine with no issues. I am liking it!

I also ordered a Holosun 407K Green which will be my first handgun optic. We will see how that goes. If it all works out to my expectation, the Equalizer will probably replace my Ruger SR9c for EDC. I am also a fan of Talon grips and they just announced release for the Equalizer, so I will be ordering those also.

My wife and I also have a pair of S&W .380 EZ's which we love as well.

I shoot a little IDPA competition now and then, but I use a Canik TP9SFX for that. If the green dot works out well on the Equalizer I'll probably be shopping one for the Canik as well.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention Equalizer purchase was partially funded by trading in a Taurus G3c and a Ruger SR9 that I won in raffles over the last year, so my Equalizer was only $160 out the door, plus of course the $40 I had spent on the raffle tickets.馃榿

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Welcome to the forum. Hubby likes his Holosun green dot a lot. He had a Vortex red dot a year or so ago and it didn't stay on the gun very long although it was a quality optic. We'll see how long he "likes" the green dot one.

I'm reading more and more and more excellent comments about those Canik's. Hopefully they won't become SO popular that the prices will go up substantially - even though it seems to me that you get more than what you paid for with the current pricing. .
Yes, the Caniks are great value and excellent quality. I love my SFX. It came as a complete kit with extra mags, optic plates, holster, mag loader, and a nice case.

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Got mine just last week and really happy with on the range except for twice where I had a bad grip on the grip safety, something that never happened with me on a 1911.
It takes a little practice. I also have a S&W .380EZ with the same grip safety. I have had no issue once I got used to it.
Does that include drawing from a holster which is my biggest concern?
Yes. I don't have much time on the Equalizer yet, but no issues with the EZ.
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I just picked up a Holosun HE407K-GR optic for it. Fits the slide perfectly except the screws are wrong. I ordered the correct 6-32 x 1/2" flathead Torx screws on Amazon. Have not tried it at the range yet.

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I suffer from astigmatism so use Prisms on rifles, have not seen a pistol size red dot to gauge if they are workable for me or not.
This one is a 6MOA green dot. I can see it just fine, but it has two "streaks" coming off the dot. I think I need my 70 year old eyes checked.
Got some time at the range today with the optic. I really like it but it will take some practice to get used to picking up the dot when drawing from holster. The good news is that I can keep both eyes open with no problem. With open sights I have to close my non-dominate eye to get the front sight close to being in focus. The optic allows me to not worry about that and it worked very well. I was shooting much better.

I had a visit to my eye doc yesterday and took the Equalizer in with me. He's a gun guy and has no problem with guns in his office. My prescription has changed very little since my last visit in 2020, even with turning 70 this year! He said he cannot do much more for the astigmatism except to make presciption shooting glasses which are very expensive and would only be good for target/competition, certainly not EDC.

I did have a little trouble with sometimes not gripping the gun properly to fully squeeze the grip safety. I do not have that issue on my .380EZ which has a thinner grip width that the Equalizer. I also have added Talon grip wrap to the Equalizer. Not sure if that is a problem or not at this point. More practice is needed before the Equalizer makes it into my EDC rotation.

I have had no gun or mag-related issues so far with about 300 rounds run through it. All three mags have worked properly. Overall, very pleased with the Equalizer and the Holosun.
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Could you possibly send me the link for those Torx screws you bought for your optic? I plan on ordering a Holosun for my Equalizer and want to be sure I have the right screws for it. Thank you!
Put another 150 rounds through the EQ this week. Still no issues. Getting used to the grip safety and the Holosun. I definitely need to work on my firing grip. I always pull low-left on anything I shoot. I do a little IDPA competition (using Canik TP9SFx) and "adjusting" or compensating by aiming high-right just doesn't work consistently. I've learned that I need to tighten up my strong hand and relax the support hand. That works much better, just need to practice to achieve the muscle memory needed. The gun is accurate on the bench rest, so it is all me! I also have a MantisX for dry fire practice which is helping some.
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