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New Equalizer

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Hi all,
I am new to the forum. Just picked up my new Equalizer on Thursday and took it to the range yesterday. I fed it two different brands of round nose, another brand flat nose, Sinter Fire hollow points, and Hornady Critical Defense, Even mixed them up in the mags. It ate everything just fine with no issues. I am liking it!

I also ordered a Holosun 407K Green which will be my first handgun optic. We will see how that goes. If it all works out to my expectation, the Equalizer will probably replace my Ruger SR9c for EDC. I am also a fan of Talon grips and they just announced release for the Equalizer, so I will be ordering those also.

My wife and I also have a pair of S&W .380 EZ's which we love as well.

I shoot a little IDPA competition now and then, but I use a Canik TP9SFX for that. If the green dot works out well on the Equalizer I'll probably be shopping one for the Canik as well.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention Equalizer purchase was partially funded by trading in a Taurus G3c and a Ruger SR9 that I won in raffles over the last year, so my Equalizer was only $160 out the door, plus of course the $40 I had spent on the raffle tickets.šŸ˜

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Welcome aboard. I am happy you are having good luck with the equalizer. I am also happy S&W released it because that gave me 15 round mags for my shield +.

I offered my Sr9c to my SIL, but he decided on the Canik Rival S instead. He made a good choice I look forward to shooting it with him.

Giving family members one of my Rugerā€™s is the only way I will part with my sr9c or sr9, they have been phenomena. My sr9 is so nice shooting and easy to carry in a good holster.

Best regards
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