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Reminds me of the old Oil filter suppressors adapters that ATF cracked down on .
This is the same thing, except in a different package. They're called solvent traps. If you read the ads [and they are legit] they talk about using them as a filter to be used on automobiles. There are similar filters that are threaded the same, so they can call it what they want.

Owning one, or owning the components required to convert one into a suppressor is not illegal, as long as it remains unmodified. If a hole is drilled thru it, then it becomes a suppressor, and without the proper ATF tax stamp it is illegal.
Every American has the legal right to build whatever guns or gun parts they want, as long as all of the correct paperwork is done [some states heavily restrict those rights]. It's much easier to buy one, put a serial number on it, send in the Form 4, and wait for your tax stamp. Once you have that in hand you can drill it out and have a legally owned, and legitimate Suppressor. And the cost to you will be roughly $220. Compare that to $400-1200 for a commercially made Suppressor, plus the tax stamp, and these little gems make sense, if you're looking for a basic suppressor.
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