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This Model 10 is at the shop where I bought my Model 15-2. I will describe it best I can and am seeking some info on it. It is a Model 10. On the tag it states it is an M&P. On the right barrel it is stamped 38 S&W Special CTG and Smith and Wesson on the left. On top it also has Smith and Wesson and the other info that is on the frame of my Model 15. When I drop the cylinder it has the serial number on the bottom of the barrel which is 984727. no letter preceeds it. This number is also on the cylinder. On the crane there is no model # but what looks like a & and below it are the numbers 26110. At first I thought it looked parkerized but after looking closer and handling it it looks just that the original blued has faded over time. I would rate it at 70% with no holster wear, just uniform wear over the whole frame and barrel. The grips have sharp checkering and a uniform worn finish but the do not have the Smith logo in them and are not scratched or knicked. It locks up super tight with no play and the trigger pullis as smooth as silk. The bore is 95-100% and is beautiful. No rusting or pitting anywhere. Now my questions:

1. Is this a M&P Model 10 as it is tagged?
2. Is this gun's frame and cylinder and barrel from different guns reflected in the 2 different numbers?
3. Could the grips be original.
4. Is it worth $195.00 as described even if only a shooter to enjoy which is my intention.

I had him put a tag on it but no money yet. If not worth it I can have him just throw it back on the shelf and not be out a cent.


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That sounds like a pre model 10, known as an M&P model of 1905.

There were a series of improvements during the course of the M&P 1905 from the original, and the guns are reffered to as a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th change gun depending it's SN.

The stampings on the crane/yoke is most likely fitter/assembler markings. The frame SN should be along the bottom of the grip frame, and visible when you turn the gun over... it should also match the ones on the barrel and cylinder.

The grips sound original to the gun.

They are nice fun shooters for a bit of nostalgia... but you have to be careful with what you feed the early ones. No modern "high velocity" loads.... only light target loads.

I have 2 M&P 1905's, one from 1922, the other is from 1906, which I only put 38 Special .148 gr wadcutter light target loads or the factory loaded "Cowboy" ammo through the 'ol gal.

And you're right... the actions on these guns are really nice, a testament to all of the hand fitting of parts that used to be performed.

The asking price sounds about right.

M&P 1905, 4th change - circa 1922

M&P 1905, 1st change - circa 1906
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