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Navy Arms

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What is the general opinion of the guns made by NAVY ARMS? I don't hear much about them. Don't they make that Pedersoli? Bob
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Navy Ams never made any firearms. They imported {mostly from Italy} replicas. Most of their stuff was made by {now well known} companies like Uberti and Pietta. The Dollar was strong against the Lira so the price was quite good. That has changed a bit.
I think Clint Eastwood did as much for them as he did for the S&W 44 Magnum in the 70s
Navy Arms deserves a big salute from all of us who enjoy owning and shooting the BP replicas. I'm not sure that the interest would've caught on with shooters in such a big way if Val Forgett had not committed so much of his time and money to getting them into our hands so inexpensively!

I've had several Navy Arms firearms and was perfectly satisfied with them. They were not quite up to the fit-and-finish standards of the Cimarron Ubertis I've had, but they were substantially less expensive at the time.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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