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xtimberman said:
Please try to give me details on your impressions of the recoil of a .380 PPK. One of my neighbors wants to buy one for his tiny little 90 pound wife. I have no experience with that model, but have read that recoil is fairly significant in .380. How does recoil compare to a M-36 S&W with 158gr. LRNs?

I had recommended a M-36 for the lady - who has absolutely no experience with an autopistol - but I believe he has this 007 thing working in his head.....

90lbs soaking wet, unless she is some kind of bruiser for her size, if I was going to recommend a Walther PPK type pistol it would be in .32 instead of .380. One for the recoil issue, and the ability to withdraw the slide. Even the model 36 for her may have more recoil than she wants to deal with, its not a beginners gun. Even though some on here will down play the effectivness of the little .32acp, it will do the job, and in the pp/ppk platform is usually very accurate, and most have shown to be very reliable with HP's.
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