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My Three Screw

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Thought I'd post a picture of my 1970 Blackhawk 357 with a cool serial #. Actually I want to see if my avatar works!!!!
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Right you are...that's about the coolest serial number I've seen in quite a while!
Real nice gun, too.
Great serial number. I had to get my strong glasses on to read it. :)
I didn't notice it untill I got it home. Its the three other calibers the Blackhawk was available in at the time. 30 45x44 :shock: :eek:
And the Avatar worked ! :D
works well, with an awesome picture too, we may add......nice combo of numbers..... ihjf
Thanks. This is the avatar a little larger. I have posted it once ... but I'm so pleased how this turned out. The only thing I didn't like about the 620 was it was kind of plain looking. Not anymore! :D
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That's a couple of really nice revolvers!
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