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My shooting range...semi-private...

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Well, here is my humble shooting range. About 4 miles/10 minutes away from the "man cave" here in AZ. The darker hill is 75 yards, while above and beyond that is the lighter ridge at 175 yards where I was shooting bowling pins and broken pieces of ceramic plates & tiles with the Rem 700 .222 in the foreground. Was here for about 3 hours yesterday and only a couple of quads drove by in all that time. Peaceful ain't the word for it! ;)

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toroflow said:
Was here for about 3 hours yesterday and only a couple of quads drove by in all that time.
D'ja have to lead 'em much? ;)

That is stunning!!!
What a wonderful place to shoot your guns! If I shot out in the woods around here........there'd be State Police on the scene within a few minutes. I have to join a club, and pay $150, just to have a place close by, to shoot. :roll: Bob
What a great location, and a beautiful picture to boot!
Makes some of us 'midwesterners' realize how neat the west is.
Thanks for a fine post.
Forester said:
Is that public land, Toro?
Its BLM land.
Hey Toroflow, that has a nice scenic look about it in a rugged sort of way. It would be a gratifying place to shoot. I imagine there's no problem spotting hits.

Here's the rifle range on our old home place. It's 165 yards from the power pole guy wire to the old trash can on the side of the hill where targets are set. We can shoot from 100 yards to 300 yards by moving position.

Here's a photo back towards the firing point, taken from the trash can. Facing east early in the morning so the camera is all fooled by the light.

Lake water filled jugs just for fun, hanging from a mesquite tree on the side of the hill.

Here's a typical set up for handguns.
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Looks like you got yourself a nice setup there! Do you ever worry about clipping that power pole guy wire when shooting from further back?! :shock:
Ahhhh...the eternal dream, to have one's own firing range...I'm Jealous! :evil:
It is the ultimate shooter's dream....Place to hang out with friends and family..remote enough to hoot and holler, barbeque, and kick back. Put in a firepit and you done died and gone to hog heaven...

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