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Here's a few semi-auto's I've collected over the years...

S&W M645 45acp

S&W M659 9mm

Sig Sauer P226 9mm

East German Makarov 9x18

Colt M1908 Hammerless 380acp

Walther PPK/s 380acp

Beretta 9000s Type F 9mm

Bersa Thunder 45 45acp

Colt Gold Cup National Match 45acp

Auto Ordnance 1911PKZSE 45acp

Para Ordnance P12-45 45cp

Spreewerk CYQ P-38 9mm ( circa 1939 waffen stamped )

Browning Buckmark 22 long rifle

Kel Tec PF-9 9mm

Kel Tec P32 32acp


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I like the Kel Tec PF-9 alot...a very light, concealable package with 7+1 firepower. I carry Winchester Black Talons in her when I use it as a CCW. And with the LaserLyte, it's dead on...

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I know that other people just think that the Kel-Tec PF-9 is such a great gun. I did not have a good experience and maybe it was because it was one of the earlier models. I like to shoot my guns and become familiar with my carry gun. Returned to factory first time for updates to magazine release and some roll pin that would move. When I got it back the hammer spring broke after 15 rounds of standard velocity 115 gr ammo. It is gone now.

My shooting impressions - a real hand full to shoot. The trigger would bite my finger and the slide would cut up my hand. Long trigger pull and very hard.

I know that weight versus recoil versus how easy the gun is to pocket carry are all considerations. I am still on the quest for such a gun. Maybe a Ruger LCP or NAA Guardian.

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Well Whlgun, if ya think the PF-9 was a handful...wait till ya getta load of the Ruger LCP and the NAA mouseguns...they really buck when ya shoot 'em.

And I did hear that people had problems with the Kel Tec P11's, P32's, and even PF-9's when they first came out...but Kel Tec really does have a good service department and are wiling to take the gun back as many times as it takes until the problem is solved. Not many manufacturers do that...

And I'll admit, I've had real good luck with my Kel Tecs...the P32 is a 1st gen I bought used ( and broken in...) and the PF-9 has performed without a hiccup since day one...and I have at least 600 rounds through her by now. Can't say I've ever had a problem with any of my collection, come to think of it. ( knock wood :mrgreen: )

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I really did not mind the recoil of the PF-9, it was how my trigger finger got pinched and the slide cutting my hand during recoil. I am not sure there is a solution to having a small pocket gun that is also that can be shot at the range. I like to shoot my guns and feel they will not fail me when I need them.

What would be your suggestions for guns that are small and not Kel-Tec?


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Well Jack..."suggestions for guns that are small and not Kel Tec...?"


Walther PPK/s in .380acp

Makarov in 9x18

Colt M1908 in .380acp

Davis Derringer in .22mag hands are a man's I can hold onto just about any size gun and not pinch my fingers or web between thumb and forefinger...genetics do help.

In big bore, you might like the Bersa Thunder45...small yet packs a punch.

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