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MY m 65-5 lady smith

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Here is a picture of my mod. 65-5 lady smith
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I bet that belongs to your wife and you stole it for a picture to post in here.Your ridding the ragged edge of getting a rolling pin or cast iron skillet layed up side your head.
You tell her we think its pretty little gun and maybe she wont hit you to hard.
Only in my dream's she has no intrest in gun's. I did have hope one time a few year's ago she went through a pistol training class to get her permit to carry . But it turned out she just went with my uncle so he was able to get his permit. :roll:And actully she is the one that take's most of my gun picture's for me as I'm computer challanged ;)
Well there is the good part to it though. At least when you get a new gun you dont have to buy another for her. That way you get twice as many.
Ah the M-65! I have a 3", tho not the Ladysmith version. It always goes to the range with whatever else is in the bag. I use it to improve my double action technique. It has "goodyears" on it so it's not as classically pretty as yours, but I love it just the same. It's a fine "working" revolver.
mmitch I'm looking to put a set of nice boot grips on it like I have on my model 37 as I think that it will make it handle better.
I'd really like to see a pic when you put the boots on.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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