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Hey Frog,

Welcome to S&W!

RCBS (Go Green) makes excellent tools!

Items: MANUALS (as in several. Hornaday, Lyman, Lee...etc These can be found used)

For rifle. Case Trimmer. IMPERIAL SIZING WAX! (you NEED this)!! Primer pocket/flash hole uniformer.

Loading blocks. Scale. Powder Thrower. Dribbler..

H 322 & H 335 are two favorites for the 223.

All of the above, except the IMPERIAL SIZING WAX!, can be located normal times. Gun Club bulletin board. Divorce/Estate Sales. CraigList. Ebay.... (local LGS has a couple of scales & turret presses, gently used, as of Monday)

Reloader's are always "upgrading".....

Right now....everything is hard to get.

You do want to acquaint yourself with CH4D. They make fantastic tools/dies! (they make dies for EVERY BLAME THANG!) Their case trimmer, PRIMER POCKET SWAGER/SEATER ....etc are really well made. (have had my CH4D case trimmer for 40+yrs, still SHARP!)

Hope this helps.

Later, Mark
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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