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My Head Hurts...

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Been working on a FAQ's for the BP board. I've outlined it and then went to various BP Gunboards to seek some guidance or suggestions. At that point I learned a few things...

There are Trolls on every board. They may have posted thousands of posts ~ but ask for help in setting up an new boards FAQ's and they will show their true colors... ;) I've had these posts locked out, moved, or totally disrupted. Frankly I expected much better of the BP folks, but every group has a turd that rises immediately to the top...

In looking into the Smoothbore vs Rifled debates on these various forums...I find that they are so fragmented as to go into the minutae of any subject to beat each other over the heads with. No help there.

Same goes with the the Powder discussions. I find the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle guys to be the happiest and most willing to share. That kinda figures as they are just a fine and friendly bunch...

So here is the rub. I want to do the FAQ's for this forum and know there is a great deal of Grey Matter here. I've completed the outline...

Anyone either want to step up to the plate or offer help with the "Meat and Potatoes?" :mrgreen:

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OH MY LORD! I completely forgot.... Carl asked me to do up an FAQ and I agreed to.... then it completely slipped my mind..... :shock:

Hell getting old.....

I'm Sorry Carl. I will work on it this weekend.... :oops:

Hey Giz,
Now you see why I asked you and Drew and a couple others to work on this project for me! :lol:
(I know.. I have no shame!)

It's a funny thing. Writing a FAQ's about BP is like writing a history of the U.S of A.

Everything ties together with the history of the Country. What we all love about the calibers and the powders, somehow relates to the Pilgrims, the privateers, the push to go "West, Young Man", to the Mountain Men, the Buckskinners, the Buckaroo's, the Cowboys, The Alamo, ....and on.

BP is the smell of a campfire and fresh game...maybe some fresh bisquits...and a sip of Tequila. It's everything wild and wonderful about this Country. It's the conversations between father's and son's before all the world was inhibited with politically correct B.S...It's when things were plain spoken and plainly understood.

It's about the shootin' sports, back when they were more popular then NBA basketball or Nascar...about the days of the shooting galleries. About Fathers taking their sons and daughters afield and teaching them what guns were, why they protected us from tyrants, and what freedom really those that still remembered past generations paying the price of ever vigilience.

And it always comes round to being about the choices we make to instill governments that are representative of "We, the People of these United States..."

Funny thing, this Black Powder and where it leads..... ;)

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Don't feel bad Giz, Carl asked me to do the one on the knife forum, and I crossed that path with knife collectors along time ago. I'm just doing mine off the books and other material I have. I'm sure if I get something wrong, ya'll will set me straight.
Well said giz, and let's not forget the American revolution. Their is a great article in the latest American riflemen you might want to check. :)
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