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I've been disappointed with ' ;) cheap :eek: dates :shock: ' before....

....took a chance and grabbed one of those "$140 Smiths" advertised a few weeks ago from the Washington state dealer....

Finally got it in, took it to the range yesterday....
m10-6 4" heavy barrel w/gripper style rubber grips;

I'll post photos ASAP if any are interested, here's a verbal description:

1) spent the extra $20 on "hand picked"; still, it was obvious wear cosmetically....which you'd expect for a circa 1965 serial #...

No end shake and minimal hand wear; otherwise good cylinder lock up;

My local 'smith said "You did OK on this deal"....

2) The action was very smooth, trigger scale broke at around 46-48 oz on all cylinders;

3) My hpzl;n; surprise!!! Took on the famed "falling plate rack" 8" rounds at 20 yards....good kfjdrfirii trigger all the way thru and surprisingly stable hold-on-target...

ran the rack THREE times w/o miss!!! Also have paper targets with about 2 1/2" groups centered touching the X point of aim...

..... is it *that* weird to fall in love with a 44 year old econo revolver?

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Not wierd at all,in my estimation, and glad you did so well on your investment.

I have heard that the model 10 has been called the "Peace Maker" of the 20th century because it filled so many police holsters.

One tale related to me by my best friend and old hunting buddy, who was a constable and later deputy sheriff in the state of Pennsylvania. When he went through the police academy and qualified with the revolver. The top shooter in his class had to borrow a range model 10 to qualify with. Accrording to my friend this much used model 10 looked beat and it appeared very loose when he examined it, something he would have certainly passed on if seen at a gunshow.

Despite it's appearance it would shoot quite accuratly, as I can testify my friend was very good with a revolver and he lost out to a guy shooting a borrowed well worn range model 10.

So in summation, looks like you have a classic that is a shooter - ENJOY!

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