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My First .38***15-3 Snubby***Grip Question????

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I am a major fan of The Old P&R Smiths- Which means Older Magnums, as newer guns are not made with the Pinned Barrel: & Only Magnum Models had the Cylinder Recessed for the Case rims to sit Flush. And that suits me just fine!
Besides a Magnum will fire the Non Mag Rounds as well as the Big Guys. Suits me.
So I Keep getting More Magnums: Mostly N frames...But a Couple of smaller ones too, a 66 & a 19-4.
But there are no SNUBBY mags (Imagine that!). So...Eventually I Sees a nice Lil' Sawed Off (factory) .38 Special! It's a Totally Gorgeeoussss 1970's Model 15-3 Combat Masterpiece! Not hardly a TurnLine, SUPER Tight & as Perfect as they get,(after Leaving the safety of their boxes)...
I think about it....& decide that it is what it is.... My Next S&W! I paid $350 at the Pawn shop & had enuff left for a Truly Great Old Electric Guitar! (Old Japanese ThruNeck ES-335 W/Grover's & a Bigsby TailPiece!!!.... that I Can't Play).
But the thing that gets me to thinkin' is "Are the Grips Original to the Gun?"
They Are the Big Targets, With the "Scoop"/ Not the "FootBall"- The gun has the regular Black Adjustable Sights, Non Target Trigger & Hammer, But The Target Stocks! Never seen them on a 2"barrel. Think They are Original or a Later Add-On??? Either Way, They are as Pretty as the Gun- Great Grain & Perfect.
I had the intention of changing the grips and carrying the gun...But like most of my other S&W's: it's almost TOO pretty. I HATE that- but maybe I can trade that Guitar for a Crummy Snubby.... jagap[a
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The correct stocks for your 2" 15 are the round bottomed "Modified Magnas". Targets were not likely on the gun when it shipped.

Thanks Drew- I don't ever remember seeing the Targets on a Snub- But guess anything is Possible. The 15-3 is certainly a Fine Gun, I'll keep an eye out for a less perfect example, & TRY to learn to play this old Guitar I picked up along with it in the meantime. (that'll take a few years).
I do have a knack for finding these Older Guns in TOO nice o' shape. You'd think they'd have been fired more, before they became Collector's Items.
Having mostly an interest in S&W's P&R .357 & .44 Magnums, I wasn't even aware that the 15's had the adjustable sights, or came with the 2" barrel. Musta been thinking of the Model 10. It's not that I don't CARE about the Non- Magnums, or don't Love them...Just more adraid of branching out... Because I do.
What percentage was made in the Snubby Configuration? I always liked the 2 1/2" model 19- & was looking for one (Hopefully 'Shooter' Grade). But this 15-3 is a wonderful 'Second Choice'...In fact, I MAY like it at Least as much. Not that that'll keep me from getting a Snubby 19 someday. Old S&W's are one of those things that make life worth living, AND they can KEEP you alive! I like that. goodidea
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