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My Brazilian m1937

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A picture of my Brazilian model 1937.
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Very nice! I wish I had been smart enough to get one back when they were imported!

:cry: :cry: :cry:
Merle, I remember when they first came in from Fed Ord and then later, Century Arms..... $99.50 and if you bought 6 they paid the freight. I brought one in and promptly took it to the range.... it cut all 6 into the x ring at 10 yards. Later I took in a dozen or more for the shop and sold most of them off for $150-175 depend upon condition.... most were pretty nasty, but I never heard anyone complain about how they shot.

The two I kept are near mint and stone cold perfect. These came from Century.... they were among the last brought in.... I paid $325 and $375 respectively. In fact, some one forgot put the import stamps on them..... :shock: ..... but I didn't complain.
Truly a great way to experience the 'good old days' without spending a king's ransom.
As Drew said, they're stout and accurate...they also seem to be very forgiving, and not presnickety about ammo, either.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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