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I put in a hyper touch genesis trigger with the green 2lb springs. The trigger works great but ever since I put it in I seams to get light primer sticks every 25 to 50 rounds. I put the trigger in my ar15 and it ran perfectly so I'm not to sure what the issue is. I have seen that the mp 1522 does have some fitment issues with some triggers but like I sad it seams to run just fine accept for a light primer strike every mage or 2. The ammo I'm using is agula bulk box. I thought that the ammo may be the issue but when I used this ammo with the sock trigger it never did this. Also the ammo is part of the same box. I even tried some match ammo from several other brands and it did the same thing. And I have physically looked at the rounds and it is defiantly a light primer stick and not a bad round.
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