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Morning hunt

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Years ago my dad brother and law and me went hunting off the north side of look out pass on the Idaho montana border about 4 miles from the house. There was a older pass called the old mullan road named after John Mullan a army captain who built the orginal pass through along just north of where I-90 runs now.We came up the old pass to just below the new pass where there is a basin about a quarter mile across and the elk love to hole up in.It is cresent shaped and the entrance lies about a quarter mile off a old closed off grown in logging road. We took off just before dawn down this road for the around three mile hike which is easy going as the road is mostly flat side hilling the face of the mountain.We silently walked along hunting as we went but sticking together before our planned split up before the mouth of the basin.
It was daylight by the time we got to out destination and there was a large old log lying on the edge of the road and my dad sat down on it for a break and we sat down on it to.We sat and listened to the sounds around us and smelled the cool air hoping to catch scent of elk or hear a stick pop up in the timber etc.We didnt speak just enjoyed the morning etc.Then my dad touches my shoulder and motions with his head down the road. I looked down the road and here comes a big fat porcupine.He must have been about a thrity pounder. Just moseying along up the road like he had a plan. We sat and watched him waddle along with his short leggs comming closer.About 15 feet from us there was a rock about the size of a basket ball laying in the middle of the road. Old porky just keeps comming and being as they have poor eyesight he had no idea we are there. He comes to the rock and just walks right up and over it.We were all silently laughing at how dumb he was.As he moves along and comes with in ten feet of us my Dad ever the jokester lifts his leg and lets off a very sharp loud fart that just resinated in the silence of the woods. At this moment tears are comming out my eyes I am laughing so hard and my dad is all red faced laughing tickled with him self and his perfectly timed fart.
To make matters worse upon hearing this loud odd noise the porcupine stops dead in his tracks and looks at us and sniifs one time and turns with a right face and digs in his claws and proceeds to haul ass out of there at the break neck speed of a man walking is about all they can do.
It was one of the funniest things I ever seen in my life and one of many memories of my dad when he was still alive.It took me ten minutes to recover enough to get serious and go hunting. Dad killed a six point bull less than a hour later that morning it was a good day
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Great story! It's why the old hunting and fishing section of the old forum was so busy. I'd much rather read about what somebody else experienced out and about, then talk about politics up in the lounge ;) Times spent hunting with family, are some of the best times of all....

Hey, someday I'll tell you fella's all about the time my brother Joe shot me :D

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