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More Ice Fishing....

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Well, we explored uncharted waters today.... not as many fish as last weekend, but was a fine day nonetheless.... warm, almost above freezing, bright and calm....

My Son Ryan and Miss Katie Dog....

Me trying to keep Katie from eating the bait....

We had plenty of time to hamm it up as the fishing was slow in the morning....

Ryan and His Grandfather....

Ryan and Me....

"Hey, Whose Job Was It To Bring The Beer?..."

Anyway, we fished all day and got only a few flags until after the sun set when we had a flurry of activity..... ended up with half a dozen smallish Bass in the 1-2 lbs range and none of them were camera worthy and went back into the lake immediately to grow up some for next year.

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Shaun, good eye! The drop off was very steep here.... you could step from shore into our first row of traps. Four feet from shore and in 7 feet of water. I studied the top maps of the area and the depth survey maps of the pond before I picked this spot...... we fished all around this rocky point near the outlet at depths of 9-40 feet and moved the baits up and down the water column every half an hour until we found the fish.... they were at about the 12 foot curve and veeeeeery cagey. We lost every fish from the first half a dozen flags when using normal techniques. Wasn't until I started experimenting and lip hooked a largemouth by simply picking up the slack until I felt the fish, then holding the line taught and letting him hook himself that began pulling fish instead of stripped hooks from the holes.

As I said, we got very little action from 9:00 AM until about 3:00 PM. It wasn't until the light began to falter that fish started to feed and in the last half an hour we were on the lake we got twice as many flags as we did all the rest of the day.

I'm not sure if it was the coming weather front, or the changing light quality but things really started to pop after the sun went behind the trees..... I wish we could have stayed later and fished through well into the night, but Dad had to get back home for his meds....

Not Sebago.... the big lake was packed with derby fisherman. You could walk from the town dock to Indian Island on the snowmobiles.... It was so bad when I drove by the South Basin at Sebago Station that they had cops directing traffic and fisherman were paying to park cars... reminded me of the Fryeburg Fair.... We were up near Cush's house in Poland.... Worthley Pond of Rt. 122. Only a few other parties on the ice, and all were very friendly...

On Saturday, 7 march we will be fishing downstate, not far from you, on Square Pond in West Newfield. My Oldest Son, DJ and his Girlfriend just bought a house there.... Square Pond produced the State Record Brown Trout a few years ago.... Maybe you should join us!

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Cush said:
Hey Drew,

So, Square Pond on March 7 huh? You don't mind it I just invite myself do you? :lol:
Not unless you agree to bring your sled! :lol:

But it seems to me that YOU owe ME a fishing trip or two Mr. Maine Guide, not the other way 'round! ;)

Seriously, the more the merrier!.... We'd love to have you! We'll have an auger so you can leave yours behind.... with two young boys I'm sure you'll appreciate that! Also, if they get cold / bored, they can go on up to DJ's place, chase the cats and wrastle with his almost step son, Andy....

Hope you and your crew can join us! It would be great! I have the Lake all mapped out. It's big water that we've never fished before and we could use the additional coverage!

parson45 said:
Tell me, how do you get the grenade down that little hole? :mrgreen:
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