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Model 6904

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Looking at buying a 6904 for $300, any thoughts on this model or price?
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Welcome to the forum from North Idaho. Where do you hail from?

The 6904 is a great pistol, and that's a very good price. Don't hesitate, somebody else might get it before you do.
Once you have it, get to the range (or backyard if you can) and shoot it some. Then post some pics and tell us how it shoots for you.
It's a Generation 3 pistol, which has all the upgrades, and has had the bugs worked out by the time it was built.
I have a couple pistols in the S&W 9mm line, and they're both my goto pistols. I have a 669 for carry, and a 5906 for home defense.
I'm pretty certain your going to like it a whole bunch.

Thanks for your feed back and for your service to our country. I hope to pick it up today, so I will follow-up next week.

I'm from northeast lower Michigan on Lake Huron and we are right in the middle of white tail deer season.
First of all Tbone, welcome01 to the Forum, from a fellow Michigander.

Second I hope your "Michigan State Holiday" is going better than mine, I have only seen 4 deer so far this year. Just to add to the frustration yesterday as I was getting back to my blind for the evening hunt I kicked up a "Monster Buck" about 75 yards away from my blind. Saw him just after I set my rifle in the blind. Goes to show you "Timing IS Everything" :(
Thanks for letting us know where you hail from. I appreciate the response.
Let's see Lake Huron has around 180 miles of shoreline. Port Huron on the bottom, Alpena, Port Austin, Tawas City (An awesome place to hide out) Oscoda, Port Sanilac. It's all home to me. I grew up in Battle Creek and eventually ended up in Saginaw. I worked thruoghout the eastern side of the state for roughly 11 years. Man, do I miss it this time of the year.
Let us know when you get your buck.

So glad to have you here with us.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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