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Model 57 presentation cases

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What should I be looking for. In the morning I'm going to look at a model 57. When did the presentation cases change. I know the first models had the dark blue lined cases. What year did S&W change over to the second case type.
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I would like to know that to.I surfed around all over trying to find any articles about that and came up with nothing.I was also curious about the liners in the later ones. What years they made the fake velvet ones and what years they made the foam covered ones.
Hello Guys
I am certainly no Expert on this, But I can tell you that the Foam Inserts came prior to the light weight Plastic molded ones. I know this can become very confusing as they made some with Upper and Lower mold's made of foam which were cut out to encase the gun and those are called Clam shell design Early on , Then they made one like I have Here, which is my 1980 Model 57 No Dash Lying in it's original Case, which is a Foam Lower Mold & The upper Mold is made of the Light weight Plastic. They also made Mold of Light weight Plastic in the Lower and upper part of the presentation cases, so as you can see at times it can become as confusing as their Cardboard Box selections that left the factory... :roll: Hammerdown

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These dates are approximate, but should help...1964-65: cases lined with dark blue velour; 1966-1968: "clamshell" presentation case (Styrofoam top and bottom inserts molded to shape of revolver and accessories and covered with a blue flocking); 1969-1974: bottom insert molded to shape of revolver and accessories, foam rubber top, both covered with a synthetic blue material; 1975-1978: see the case posted by Hammerdown; 1979-1985: revolver points to the right instead of the left and accessories contained in a compartment below the revolver. In 1982 the presentation case had to be ordered extra as an accessory as it was no longer offered as a standard item for this model or the Model 29.

Thanks Doc 44 I have two like hammer down 1975-1978 and three I bought off ebay in the 1979-1985 versions. I recovered them in royal blue valure and padded the moulded area for my smaller k frame model 17 and 48. I kept one for my other model 27 but its was made before 1974 and I see it would not be period correct.I didnt know about the versions made from 1969-1974.
The new ones smith and wesson sell now are better made and lined with nicer material and only cost 59 bucks. But they are not period correct.The ones made from 1979 to 1985 had a foam material that rots and turns to a crumbly consitancy like old cheese.All the versions I have seen come molded for target grips.My older model 27 came with out a presentation case and with magna grips. So I am not going to worry about a period correct case for it.

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onenut58...The synthetic blue material used to cover the cases made from 1969-74 also deteriorated rapidly and these cases have to be recovered. They have a Styrofoam bottom and a foam rubber top. I have a couple of these that have been recovered with a blue satin material and they look pretty good.

Hammerdown & Doc44
Thank you for the info. It sure helped me out. I'm almost the new owner of a 6" nickel model 57. It has a pinned barrel and recessed cyl. The ser# is N 444xxx. I almost passed on it but it is a real nice 57. I think it's a late 70's model 57. It came with the box and papers and the grips appear to be correct. I will get it off layaway in 30 days. I was holding out for an S serial number. But this one will do me fine. It appears it has not been shot much maybe a box of shells. It is in great shape. The case is one like Hammerdown posted. I will post some pix in a few weeks
So the one you had recovered in the satin came with a light blue stain like matreial like you see in the registered magnum cases?Or was it a royal blue like the newer ones. The clam shell type I seen had royal blue in it. I should have bought that thing. He had it in gun broker and no one bid on it and it was in good shape. I sent him a message and told him the crazies over in e-bay would go nuts over it and pay big bucks. He put it in ebay and I think he got 200 for it if I remember right
onenut58...The 44 Magnum was the first model that came with a presentation case. The Registered Magnum (pre-WW II) did not come with a presentation case and was shipped in a blue "picture" box. The case I had recovered was originally covered with a dark blue synthetic material that disintegrated (it dates to March 1973). I had it covered with a dark blue cloth that was similar in color. The "clamshell" cases were covered with a blue flocking and can be found in decent shape today if a revolver is not stored for long periods in them.

Thanks Doc 44. I learned some good stuff from you and appreciate it very much.I know the 44 magnum came out in 1955 from reading and the registered magnum was a pre 27 and it came out in 1935. I got my wires all crossed up and called a 44 magnum a registered magnum be cause it didnt have a model number yet.I have seen the clam shell cases before. The only ones I havent seen are the ones made 1969-1974 and was curious of what the color was on them.You had mentioned you had one lined with satin and my mind went to the 44 magnum cases that had the light blue satin interiors.I thought maybe they had been lined with something simular.I have seen pictures of the registered magnum boxes before your talking about.I have probably seen the ones made 1969-1974 and didnt know what I was looking at.Thanks again for taking the time and being patient and explaining them to me and for correcting me on the registered and 44 magnums.I think I have called the pre 29 magnums registered magnums before .hehehehe Reminds me of one time I heard my mom telling her friend how my dad had a big ole harley honda when he was young.
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I bought the proverbial Magnum with 44 live rounds and 6 spent shell casing years ago. This one happened to be a .41 Magnum. It was in nice shape and I have not fired this .41 Magnum. I have others that I use.
This is the case. It has plastic upper and lower liner with blue fuzzy on it. Upper is backed by foam rubber:

Some of the paper work that was under the upper liner: At a price we all miss.

Some of the paper work under the lower liner: Gent I bought it from offered me the S&W holster, I declined, it looked tacky.

The case came with a Nice S&W: N6339XX 4 inch Model 57.
[email protected]
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I am sorry that I missed this thread as I was not a member at the time. Could anyone that participated and or that can provide guidance on materials to replace the now degraded material that served as the cover of the styrafoam molding in these wooden cases please respond. Thanks in advance for any comments.
I am sorry that I missed this thread as I was not a member at the time. Could anyone that participated and or that can provide guidance on materials to replace the now degraded material that served as the cover of the styrafoam molding in these wooden cases please respond. Thanks in advance for any comments.

Hello Thirdman
They sell a Kit to cover the deteriorated factory flock. It can be purchased off line and it's name is DonJer. Below is a link to their web page. I would advise if your case is that of Styrofoam that you first place some Latex primer over it before attempting to flock it. if you simply lay on the flocking adhesive to a non primered case it will melt the Styrofoam into a massive mess of Melted down Goo... Hammerdown

DonJer Flocking Fibers Supplies Suede-Tex Soft Flock Rayon Nylon Spray Applicators Kits Adhesive Cars Decoys Rods
There are two people who reflock presentation cases that I know of. One is our own Hammerdown (Kurt) and the other is Joe Cebull.

I should say that Kurt used to restore cases. I'm assuming he still will but you might have to talk him into it.. :)

I've had Kurt redo one of mine and his work was excellent. I've never tried Joe but he has a great reputation.

You can contact Kurt (Hammerdown) on this forum by using the Private Messaging system. You should be able to Google Joe Cebull and find a contact email or something.

By the way, I quit worrying about presentation cases a while back as they just don't seem to be worth the trouble, to me anyway. They're nice enough after restoration, but the money difference between gun-only and gun with case just doesn't add up if you include the cost to restore the case. Plus, once you get a half-dozen or more cases, it starts to take up a lot of room if you keep them in your safe. JMHO, of course...
I have seen cases that both Hammerdown (Kurt) and Joe Cebull have restored, can't go wrong with either. Their work is absolutely amazing!

If you are interested here is Joe's E-Mail Address: [email protected]
[QUOTE The ones made from 1979 to 1985 had a foam material that rots and turns to a crumbly consitancy like old cheese.

How true! Same thing happened to my model 29 case which was purchased new in 1973. The whole interior just sort of "melted" into a gooey mess.
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