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Hey folks,
I was gifted a S&W Model 57 nickel plated revolver with a 8 3/8" barrel. It was made in the 70's I think? I'd like to know for sure; can anyone help me - Serial number is N135xxx.
Very nice example; the long barrel doesn't look all that long on these big N frames. Wire grass guy beat me to the punch, your SN isn't all that far from my M28-2's SN and it is a 1973 gun. To get one for free is amazing, the value on these "orphan" guns is skyrocketing. I call it an orphan because they weren't made all that long and .41M lost popularity. You'll understand when you shop for ammo, but if you reload, Starline makes excellent brass for it, and there are reloaders aplenty on here who can suggest loads. I use either Hornady 210 gr. XTP or a plated 210 RNFP. Loading on the lower end of the recommended data gives a fairly mild round that doesn't hurt to shoot a lot.

I have a 6" M57 and a M58 and shoot both frequently.
Welcome to the forums from the cotton and peanut covered plains of the Wiregrass! It was made in 1973.
You should change your handle to "Hardwired" Grass Guy", you're on top of these dates!
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