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Model 57, 5-inch, nickel, January 1968

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Five-inch Model 29s are scarce to rare, but factory original five-inch Model 57s are super rare. In fact, only one has been documented by collectors. It is shown in the photo below and was built for Colonel Cunningham, a friend of many S&W employees, in S&W's toolroom. It has no Model number stamped in the yoke cut (I guess that makes it a pre-57 ;) ). The serial number of the revolver is S270532 and it was shipped on January 19, 1968 (about two years later than most N-frames in this serial number range). Note the large letters and upright ampersand on the left side of the barrel (as is typical for Model 29s and 57s in this serial number range).

The only other reference to a five-inch Model 57 I have ever seen was in an article by John Lachuk that appeared in the 1972 Gun & Ammo Annual. The article was about pistol predator hunting and showed a picture of a Model 57 with a special order five-inch barrel and nickel finish that was owned by Mr. Lachuk.

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That’s a beauty. Same as all your posts all featuring great revolvers.
Simply beautiful Doc! Those are very nice cokes too!!
Is it part of your collection?
Carl...Yes, I have owned this 57 for several years.

New to the forum.I just got home from my ffl with a new toy.I got a model 57 with pinned barrel.After reading this thread I measured the barrel.It is 5inch.It is blued steel.It is in great condition except for some wear in the finish on one side of the barrel.How rare is this bird?Paid 550 for it with a set of rcbs dies and 400 rounds ammo.
Sorry It is a 6 inch.I was not counting the part of the barrel where it fits into the frame
good gracious! that is spectacular! thank you for the pic!!!

Wow that is beautiful!!
She sure is a looker. kfjdrfirii

I like shiney S&W's.

FlaRon weiweinp
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