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Dad passed away in 2016, but I am still finding things that I brought home after his funeral. This last Sunday I opened a box and found many different types of S&W revolver and pistol grips. To include a set a J frame target grips. I have several back issues of different publications (Shooter's Bible, Guns & Ammo, Guns) from the Seventies in which they state the J frame target grips won't fit the Bodyguard. Well I don't know what is going on because this set fits like a glove. I acknowledge they look rather odd on the Model 49, but they fit my hand very nicely. Have to get to the range to see how they handle with live ammo. Genuine vintage grips. Fairly certain the grips were made in the seventies and my Model 49 was manufactured in 73. They go together. The grips will not be staying on it permanently. When I'm on-duty it will still wear the Pachmayr Compac grips. Figured folks here would get a kick out of the old style grips though.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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