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Model 28-2 price check

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Ok, found three Smith & Wesson Model 28-2 revolvers. All 3 screw, pinned and recessed. Two are 4-inch models, and the third is a 6-inch model. All have their boxes, and all are 99%. None of the serial numbers are sequential. What is the going rate on 28-2's in this type of shape?
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David I just bought one for 355 dollars . I have seen them as high as 600 . :eek:
c pierce, you got yourself a great deal! I haven't seen one in 99% for less than $450 for a long time..

With original boxes, I would think they would bring $500 or more.
At a true 99%, meaning a start of a turn line and the rest of the gun at 100%....The $500 dollar price range was broken many moons ago. Vapor paper and correct (sealed) tools, along with the normal period ads should be included in the higher end pricing.

But what do I know about HP's? ;)

Just paid 350 for one in 4 inch marked NYSP, Well used in good mechanical conditon. It's a bargan for a shooter.

I agree , $500 + in this neck of the woods !!

In 99% condition it could be more for sure .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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