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Just joined. Happy to be here.

Looking for some information on a Model 28-2 heavy barrel that I purchased August 26 1981 Serial # N 58 36XX.
The Sporting Goods Store that I purchased it from told Me it was NIB, however after I had it for around 5 years
I found out that It was a refurbished. I was at a Gun Show in Houston Texas and was going to have the trigger
smoothed out on it and a Model 10 that I purchased in October 1982. The Gunsmith that I was going to use
specialized in Smith and Wesson and Colts. He came highly recommended. I first pulled out the Model 10 and
then the Model 28. When He saw the box that the Model 28 was in His expression changed and He said You
have A nice Reconditioned Model 28 here plus the box is not original It did have te papers manual and such
though. Well to say the least I was upset having been taken advantage of. I had been looking for that model
for a few years back in the 80's and had thought I'd finally got one. The reason I wanted one was I had two
Uncles that were DPS Officers in The Texas Department Of Public Safety and They both carried Model 28s
For years after that I tried to find an original box and never did. A few years ago I decided to try again and
went on Ebay, I finally found what I thought was the correct box so I purchased it. I never decided to switch
the boxes and just put it away. Last year I decided to go back on Ebay and locate another box, low and behold
there was one listed that even had the Information printed on one end in Gold, Jackpot I thought So $110.00
poorer I got it. The seller confirmed that it was the correct box, but I later found out it was for an Earlier
Decade. Also found out that the earlier one that I had got off Ebay was for a Different Decade too. I found
that out when I compared it to the Box that My 1982 Model 10 came in. The one that My model 10 came in
is Original and it does not have the American Flag on it, the other one does. Now I'm Wondering Just Which
Box Is The Correct One For My 1980 Mfg Model 28 that I purchased in 1981. Can any One Help ?

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Well to say the least I was upset having been taken advantage of.
Well, I reckon! But didn't you take it back to the store that sold it to you to demand an explanation? Maybe the gunsmith was mistaken. For any store-front dealer to be passing off refinished guns as new would be shocking even in the shady world of gun-trading.

If you were at any Houston Gun Show from the '70s through '80s, you passed me buy without saying hello!

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