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Model 19 thread

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What this place needs is a model 19 thread! ;)

So, where to start. Yes, it's ok to shoot 357 Magnums in your model 19.
Use 158 grain, keep the forcing cone clean and free of lead, and you should have no problems.

The 19 was available in blue and nickel, and in very late runs, a matt black for the US State Department.

Barrel lengths were 2.5", 3" (rare), 4", 5" (very rare!!) and 6".

These days, while still relatively plentiful, it is not unheard of for a NIB 19 to bring $600 or more. Shooter grades are $475 to $550 in my area of the country.

Finally, yes, the model 19 is the "best" do everything 357 you can to the pre lock model 66 of course ;) Regards 18DAI.
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Another with the same love of the 19! :-bd

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A Model 19-1 that was shipped in 1962. These are rarer than 29-1s, but don't have quite the same level of collector appeal (yet! ;) !).

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That's just beautiful.. I'd love to see your collection one day!
A 2.5" nickel 19-3 shipped 7/13/70 (7/13 is my wedding anniversary) to the US Bureau of Customs. Bought it from a retired agent around 1989 at a show in San Jose, CA. Paid $185 for it. He said all qualifying was done with 125 grain full power Magnum ammo and that's all I have ever shot in it.

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Here's an old picture, but it's a NIB 19-4 from 1978. I love the deep rich bluing on this one.

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Of the Model 19s that I have had over the years this is my favorite, 3" barrel, round butt, blue.

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i only have two,, but they both kinda look like this,,,,

i'm going to have to break them out for a "family" photo shoot
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Here is a 4" M19-3 wearing a refinished set of out of production Fitz grips.

(heart smiley face should be here)

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I have a couple left . I`ve sold a few to make room for some N frames .
These are all M19-4`s .......

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Very nice looking guns gentlemen. I own a 6" 19 and a 6" 66 to keep it company.The 66 I bought new in 87' for $300. It's a great shooter. The 19 I bought used, around $350 I think, 3-4 years ago and haven't shot it yet. Love the feel of S&W revolvers.
I don't have one YET. Fine looking 19s guys.
Here's mine with it's original 6" barrel. She now wears a nickel 4". Just picked her up from my g-smith today, I'll see about posting an updated pic tomorrow. I'll be posting the nickel 6" pinned barrel and a nickel recessed cylinder in the classifieds soon.
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Here are some Mod. 19's with a couple of 65's and 66's thrown in.
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Wow Bob !!

Outstanding !! B-) Nice deck too !! :D
I don't have one yet, but definately on the list.
Great thread! Y'all have some fine looking Model 19s.

The Model 19 was the first .357 Magnum I ever desired. I've had a few through the years but am currently without one. Intend to rectify that fairly soon and this thread is inspiring.
Ok, here's the updated pic (from the one I posted above with the 6" barrel) with the 4" barrel installed. I liked it before, I love it now. Just thought I'd share.... since we all like pics.. :ymhug:
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Looks great! Nice photography too..
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