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I have acquired a 17-3 from a friends estate sale, but it had a junk scope on it. I would like to find a replacement rear sight assembly for it but having problems determining which is correct. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I hope this information help you out. I know it did for me...
There are a couple of basic rear sight assemblies for the K-frame revolvers, and it's easy to tell which is correct. These are for the main sight assembly, and not the rear blade height. Blade height is based on the length of the barrel. A sight chart is attached below.
The sight assemblies will have either a straight cut, or round cut at the end.
Round cuts are for the, older series revolvers.

Square cuts are for the newer series revolvers. (This is what you're looking for)

The rear sight blades will have a white outline on the fasing edge (seen in the round cut assembly above), or plain with no outline. The sight blades can be easily replaced with the design you want, but buying an assembly that you prefer is your option.


Follow this search on eBay, and look at the sight assemblies for the K/L frame revolvers, and you'll be able to select the one that's right for you. You might also need to buy the mounting screws and spring, if the assembly does not have them included.
You can expect to pay somewhere more than $75 to get what you need.

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17-3 is an older revolver and has the "square cut" rear sight. Square old, round new. I beleive the correct rear sight will be black without a white line. That's how my two are set up, black sights.
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