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I bought this gun new in about 1980 and every
few years I would shoot a box of ammo when
driving the interstates and find a bridge over
a stream that is miles from nowhere. I
would go down under the bridge and shoot
at things in the water. By this time I would
say I have shot ten or twelve boxes of ammo
and never had a hiccup. I have seen dozens
and dozens of new semi autos hit the market
in the last 30 years but mine seems to have
most of the fancy features I have seen
on the newer ones. decocker, single and double
action, wont fire if magazine not in,.
wont allow hammer to hit if trigger is not
depressed, has half cock position of hammer etc.

My question, now 30 years later, was there
anything bad in the reputation of these guns ?
Just wondering as I mainly have it for SD
and was curious if I had any good reason to
upgrade to a newer model. I think it has
13 rounds in the magazine and extra
capacity would not justify buying a new
gun. Plus, I bet I would be lucky to get
$150 bucks for this old but little used

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They're terrible! You need to send it to me for $150 (I'll even pay shipping) and buy yourself a new M&P9. It's your only real option.


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I agree with Forrester, absolutly terrible pistol (lol)
Send it to me for $200 I'll pay the shipping too. You really need to upgrade to a new M&P 9mm, I'm sure that old 469 is been worn out by now.

Seriously now, You have an excellent pistol.
I have the 669 and absolutly love it. I just took my Son-in-law shooting for his very first time this past Monday while I was visiting back in Michigan.
He asked me to leave it with him, he liked it so much. He was shooting 6-8" groups pretty quickly after getting in some pointers and trigger time. He said he truly enjoyed shooting it.

Your pistol is one of the better small frame pistols that S&W produced. Keep good quality ammo in it and it will be trustworthy and consistant.

If you decide to sell it, post it here and it will be gone right away (let me know first, my Son-in-law needs his first pistol).
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