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Curt and I got out the shale pit for some shooting on Sunday afternoon. Here is whatwe brought. Curt brought his 64 and 66, I brought my 686,15 and 638
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We mostly just did some sight verification and general plinking I started with my 686 and decided it was shooting a bit low. My sight picture for the one in the bull covered the bullseye completely. First shot was the lowest one at 6:00. Sight picture there was bull sitting on top of leveled sights
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Adjusted sights and got my shots raised a bit
Here is Curt shooting his model 64
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Here I am shooting my 638 at the far steel plates hanging agaist the cliff face. They are 75 feet from me and I hit 4 out of 5 shots, double action
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Curt used his model 66 with 158gr magnums to shoot this offhand at 30ft
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After we had been shooting for 45 minutes my cousin and a friend came out with his Henry 22. He had moved the scope and meeded to re-zero. His friend put 10 shots into a hole the size of a quarter from a crappy rest, but the hole was 3 inches below the bull and 2 inches to the right.
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We got his scope adjusted and went back to revolver shooting
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Always a fun day at the range. Was happy with how my model 66 and 64 functioned. I hadn't had the 64-8 out in quite a while and was happy with the results. Jonesy's 15 was a pleasure to shoot and on target. Also enjoyed shooting his 4" 686. Great day with some good friends.
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