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Recently the forum had a slur used against a political candidate. The language in the post was considered crude, profane and highly offensive. The time had come to clean it up, and warn everybody here of the consequences by continuing the insulting name calling.
The thread and other posts in this forum were edited to remove the language.

This forum will not tolerate the type of behavior some of the members here have shown in the recent past.
If you disagree with the rules set by the administration, refrain from using such language. This forum will survive without the nasty and insulting commentary. If any member here can't be civil 100% of the time here, they must anticipate and be prepared for disciplinary measures to be taken.

It is critical in the political climate like these that we always take the high road, even when the low road seems to be the easy way out.

This forum has one rule that will never be allowed to be broken. It has been this day from day one, and will continue till the day the forum is closed down forever.

This forum must remain family friendly. We don't allow vulgar, profane, obtuse or other terms used in an insulting manner.

This forum has always tried to be the one that's fair and allowing of so many topics outside of the gun stuff. The political forum was discussed by the administration and moderators in great detail before it was created, and we all agreed that as long as it remain civil we'll let it pretty much be left alone.

Name calling and insults are out of the realm of limits. Whether it's between members, or about the subjects in the commentary.
It's a line we can't allow to be crossed, not by anybody. If it gets out of control the forum will die a very slow and painful death, and the owners will let it only go so far before they pull the plug.
We're known as the friendlier S&W forum for good reason, and the moderators intend to keep it that way.

We can discuss guns, and a wide range of topics outside of that medium, but no matter what it costs, we intend to keep it that way.
Censorship is not the intent, but moderation here has it's limits of tolerance.

The administration has allowed these discussions, but if they continue down the path it has been going, you can expect this to become a thing of the past.

This thread is now closed. And if you have issues with what I've done, send any moderator or administrator a PM and we can discuss the alternatives.
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Not open for further replies.