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They don't know if there is an edge or if there is anything beyond it, if there is one.

Only two sexes no matter what the idiots and morons of the world say. Let's see them have a baby that isn't male or female?

Again, the libtards, now that they are increasingly making MJ legal aren't gonna bash it as it is filling their pockets.

MaryAnn and if that had been Raquel, huge vote for MaryAnn, but a night or weekend with Ginger wouldn't be all that bad either and lovey could buy you all the guns your heart desired! She was the richest of the cast members.

I have always thought Samantha Stevens (Liz Montgomery) was far underrated (just look at how hot she was playing her cousin Serena) and was thus my fave, but Jeanie (Barb-E) in that negligee gets all my attention, could have all my money and most of my guns. 馃槀

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The edge of the universe may exist. In advanced quantum mechnics, they tell me that empty space is itself a thing because it can be deformed by gravity.


The sexes issue........

Alright, this is something I deeply oppose and know a great deal about. First, there are only two sexes. Even the crazies will agree with you here, though they like to bring up intersex mutants as a sort of smoke screen.

What they will then do is insist that gender does not mean sex, and that all the words used to mean sex actually rerefer to gender, and since gender doesn't mean sex, those words can apply to anyone.

This is repeating a lie. It is very easy to show it's a lie, but before you show it's a lie you need to understand what this is, is a word game.

Everyone (almost) on both sides actually does understand mammalian reproduction, but they want to insist that "man" and "woman" do not mean "Adult human male/female" but "social role."

But, if you check dictionaries published prior to 2000, you will find gender DOES mean sex. It means sex not only as a noun but also as a verb, so the entire premise that gender is not sex is false.

They will then tell you words evolve. Perhaps they do, but they never have meaning subtracted. Added, sure, but you can't add the opposite meaning to a word. "Full" cannot also mean "empty."

Now, you must at this point come face to face with the dishonesty of the gender brigade. After all, if they want a word that doesn't mean sex, they could invent any word and apply that meaning to it. They could add a modifier word, like "Gender roles." They do not, because they want the word to actually still mean sex. They want to pretend you can change your sex, so they keep using words with biological sex as their core meaning, so they can say "A man is a woman" and mean "A man is a woman" but have a shield of wacky crap to hide behind when someone points out a man is not a woman.

In the end however, this is not a biological argument. It is a word game and a battle over definitions. A good response is 'if "man" can also mean "woman" can 'stop hitting me' also mean 'set me on fire."?


Additionally, Ginger, Every time, unless Jeanie is an option, and then Jeanie, every time.

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I must preface the following bit of fluff with an acknowledgement that on the human string of Christmas lights I am the dim one with the occasional blink.
Having made such an acknowledgement , I do , from time to time , experience periods of lucidity and ponder questions to which I have opinions but no answers.
During my most recent period of lucid thought , four questions in particular came to the fore.
The first question is galactic in scope. If the new James Webb space telescope allows us to see the very edge of our Universe , what lies beyond the edge?
An infinity of empty black space? Or perhaps one would step through into Mayberry with Andy and the gang?
My second question concerns the biology of modern **** sapiens.
While I hear great numbers of political , administrative , and self appointed "experts " bandy about different numbers , why have I not heard a single anthropologist of note declare with certainty the true number of sexes allotted to the human race? While suggestions vary widely , my opinion is two.
My third question. If the American Cancer Society believes that smoking causes cancer , where does it stand on smoking marijuana? Is it only cigarette smoking or smoking of any kind they oppose? The innumerable TV ads the Society funds indicates they are selective in their opposition.
At last , my last question during this more infrequent rational period.
Ginger or Mary Ann?
Contrarian that I am , Mrs. Howell gets my nod.
If you have read the entirety of my meandering tome , my thanks.
1. What is beyond nothing?
2. 2 sexes
3. Does TCH cause cancer, most likely
4. Mary Ann for sure.

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As for the extent of the Universe. The human mind "cannot" absorb or even ponder the extent/size of it. It isn't possible. Why? there are zero boundaries. And if there were?
The mind would be right back to the same impossible conclusion on the other side of those boundaries.
Oh', they can send space probs forever, they will never know as it cannot be known
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There are "intersexes" such as Klinefelter's Syndrome (XXY) and hermaphrodites. These are so rare as to not count. I do recall reading that Klinefelter's is about 1 in 1000 so likely everyone here as met a few but did not know it.

I believe it is a non-disjunctional error during Meiosis II.

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You are talking about philosophical things that no one knows the answer to. Scientists are working on learning as much as they can about the cosmos, but it's quite difficult. It used to be that people didn't believe that there could be life not only on Earth. But more and more people are finding evidence that there are other civilizations. I like to talk about philosophical things while smoking a vape. I bought a special THC-based liquid here, get very relaxed and forget about all my current problems.

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For thems' that do not believe "they are out there", simply visit the Pyramids of Giza, the Pyramids outside of Mexico City or most importantly, Nazca Lines in Peru (which I need to do)
I've been to many places in the world but to stand at the base of the Great Pyramids after spending decades in pipeline construction, I was converted. No man nor group of men could
move the enormous stone blocks without advanced minds. Even today, it's only theory how it was done...but the reality is, people don't know.
The Nazca Lines would be impossible to do without leaving the ground. Even then, look to see how perfect they are. It boggles the mind.
Like people of the past, I refer not, to one god, but too the "gods". That way I cover all the bases.
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