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Gizamo, you're the only other person I know of that has a Marlin 1894 Octagon .44 Magnum besides me! Brophy's book on Marlin does state is was only made in 1973. Obviously way before the "WARNING: Before shooting gun...." and the nonsensical crossbolt safety.

I bought mine off GunBroker many years ago to fire in Cowboy Action Shooting. My cut down 1894 .44 only held 9 .44 Special rounds so I was at a competitive disadvantage. I saw this mint Octagon and I realized it was exactly what I needed/wanted. No safety (I've seen guys set their newer Marlins down for a stage on their left sides and unintentionally push the safety on) and no "WARNING." It was still less than a new Marlin.

I've been using it for years and it has been flawless. I really like alot. Very rare model too. I almost feel guilty shooting it so much as the stock is getting dinged and the blueing is getting worn. But that adds character, right?

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