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Making stocks/grips

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Not sure where this belongs, but today, my neighbor has chopped down a magnolia and the base was about 2 1/2 - 3 " in diameter. I decided to harvest the bottom 2 1/2 ft. Now I have this semilog to do something with.

Grips/stocks came to mind.

How long do I "dry" the wood and what then.

I have a friend who has a CNC lathe (in the family business), so can he with a minimum effort, cut on a pattern furnished by a commercial grip?

I have a dremel tool so there is no telling how much trouble I can get into with that..

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The exotics I have seen and purchased were cut green, and before they were set to dry they are coated on the grain ends with some sort of wax. I am told this prevents the wood from drying too fast and cracking. Not sure on how long it needs to dry, I'd say it depends on the drying conditions. To be safe, no less than 9 months, maybe a year?
Used to make some items out of oak and butternut (about like black walnut). I painted the ends and let dry for 1 year before I used any. Never had anything that I made out of it crack so it must have been dry enough.
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