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M57 and M57-1

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From a collectors point of view , is a no dash more collectable than a dash 1 with the M57 ??
I`m going to look at one this weekend and the ser# is N730XXX . I think that should be a no dash but I`m not sure .
Thanks for any info . :cool:
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The no dash is a pinned and ressesed model and the dash one is not pinned and ressesed. The no dash is worth more.How much is the asking price on it?
The ones with a serial number beggining in s are the most sought after.
Thanks for the info onenut .

Thats kind of what I figured but I thought I`d ask .

He`s asking $999 for it !! I think he`s pretty high no doubt , but it has the original box and grips . It also ( according to the gun owner ) has a set of custom grips with it too that he paid $200 for . I know the shop owner very well and he told me the gun is mint !! One other thing , its an 8 3/8`s gun .
I`m really not looking for any more walking canes but I figure I`ll look at it anyway .
There are some guys in here can look up the serial numbers for you etc.Probably this evening. If you cruise over to a couple of the gun sites and look at what they are selling for you will see that isnt a super good deal but it isnt a bad one either if its a no dash.The presentation cases in good shape go for 150 to 200 bucks on e-bay. Im not sure what the original box is worth.
There are some serious highly knowlegable collectors in her that can tell you details on it I cant.
But I want a model 57 myself and have been cruising the sites a lot and know what they are selling for online.I can send you some links to go to and see for your self. But I suggest comming back in here and talking with some of the collectors that are like encyclopedias in here when there online and believe me there are some in here regularly. ... hyId=11647

I sent you a pic of a nickle 57-1 in exellent condition with a older presentation case from the seventies at cabelas for 700 bucks and cabelas usualy are way high although you can stumble on a deal and they do have some realy nice older smith and wessons for sale.It is listed a model 57 but it isnt as you can see in the pics the barrel isnt pinned.
If you go into the sites I sent you should be able to find a few for sale in each site under smith and wesson revolvers.
You can also go to a couple auction sites that usualy have a few like gun or auction arms .com . If you go to e-bang .com it will bring up all the ones in the auction sites including those two I just mentioned. You can see what the bids are and some of the closed bids.
The model fifty sevens are not as plentiful as 29 27 28 N frames so you may have to scroll through a few and they are big sites but will give you a good idea what the going rate is for them. And you may ask around in here some one may have one they want to part with if you dont buy the one your looking at
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I know what you mean about the other sites . Thank you for those links . I check those alot like you do and search for the deals but their getting few and far between !!

I`ll check it out tomorrow and see what happens . Your right about the 57`s , they don`t come around that often !!

One of the guy`s here , f.t. has been looking for a while and he found a couple of beauty`s !!

Thanks onenut !! B-)
Hey Ralph,
I hope it works out for you, buddy.. And, I want to see pics soon!

Just to hold you over for a while, here's mine..

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Ralph,depending on what the "custom" grips are,you might try to talk him down some. Sounds a little high to me for a 57-1 with the long tube. Also,the fact that a bbl is not pinned,doesn't mean it isn't a 57 no-dash. Some of them came with recessed chambers and a non-pinned bbl.
Ralph, I don't know if the no dash is more collectable or not but I like my 57-0.

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Hello Ralph
Typically speaking Most S&W revolvers stamped as dash-1 Bring more Money due to the short span of Dash-1's but the model 57 in my eyes is not one of them. Being that their Intro was 1964 and soft on sales as the Cartridge intended for them was Meek for a .41 magnum round, they were not well received by most. To me, they are a Hand Loaders Dream, but many shy away from the caliber due to it's Lower Popularity status compared to it's Big Brother the .44 Magnum. In this Model series The S-Prefix will carry a Higher Premium price than the N Prefix models as far as collectors go, But if your intent is to shoot and enjoy one, Then the N-Prefix is fine. The dash-1's to me do not carry the Price premium as well as the No dash series. Here is one from 1980 that is Pinned & Recesed and is one of my Favorites...Hammerdown

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Thanks for all the input !!
Great lookin guns too . B-)

Well I went to the shop yesterday and took a gander at it and its really mint !! Without a doubt its unfired !! Forcing cone , front of the cylinder and recoil shield are spotless !! Its a no dash and is pinned and recessed .
Here`s a few pics ...............

I also have it pictured with my Dads 57 no dash that still remains unfired !!
Also with the gun was a mint presentation case , all the tools and the correct paper work .
I should have taken a pic but it also came with a mint set of finger groved Nill grips .
I have to find a home for those .
Sorry about the pics but its way to cold out today !!
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How do you know they'll even shoot, if unfired? HEHEHE
Looks like you did good and getting a presentation case and all the goodies and the extra grips.Did you get the guy down on the price any? You still did good in my opinion even if he didnt come down. The guy could have put it online and some one would have snapped it right up.Glad you pounced on it .
Yes I did , I got him down $100 from his $995 , so I guess I did alright . B-)

I never met the guy since it was a consignment gun but it blows my mind how theres guns out there that are un fired !!
I`m going to take carls advice and shoot it since he`s told me how great the 41 mag is . Believe it or not , I`ve never shot the 41 . :shock:
I just ordered some 41 magnum ( since its not on shelves ) so I will be firing this one . I`ll keep the brass and who knows , I might just reload it .

Thanks for all the input gents !!
Hey Ralph,
Way to go !

That's a beauty, and you already know what a fan of the long barrels I am.. You're really gonna enjoy shooting that one!

Congrats, my friend!
Thanks carl !!

Do you think I should shoot it ??

That question should get the juices flowing !! :lol:
If I had two model 57s that were unshot, I'm sure I would shoot one of them, anyway!
Nice 57 I have one on layaway. In less than a month. I will have it in hand. I had to put in on layaway. The 57 is a birthday gift from my wife. She does not want me to get my hands on it. I have to wait for my birthday.
Thats great Jim !!

I don`t know your wife but she sounds like a great Gal !! B-)

I`ve never fired a 41 magnum , so I guess I had better shoot this one . Up here in the northeast they don`t sell it , so I ordered some thru a local shop .

Keep us posted when you get it !!
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