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I just bought a new .40 Cal Compact and part of the selling point was that I could change the barrel to fire .357 SIG rounds. Now I cant find a barrel anywhere. The gun shop where I purchased it called S&W and they said its not Avail... (didnt know how to take that, I know they sell a Compact .357 SIG gun so S&W has the barrels) I've tried Brownells, Midway USA and Storm Lake Barrels. Suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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S&W considers the barrel to be an "armorer only" part and will not sell them to individuals... this makes little sense when we are talking about mass production autos... but it a hold over from the revolver business I expect.

Storm Lake says it is coming out with a .357SIG barrel for the M&P full size and compact... it has been due out for nearly a year now... latest I heard from them is it should be out around the end of FEB. IF... if Storm Lake ever comes out with the .357 SIG barrel it should be an excellent product...


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