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Hey Ble423 , I don't know if this may help ya or not, But I recently viewed several You Tube video reviews on the M&P AR-10 .308 and several of the reviewers were all experiencing cycling issues when testing and sighting in their M&P AR-10's. Now I'm not knocking Federal Ammo and they do make some very good ammo and I haven't personally experienced any thing like that because I don't shoot their .308 ammo (as yet) so I'm not able to have a personal experience myself. Maybe try some different grains and see if that makes any difference. Are you shooting brass or steel cased? That may be some of it. After watching some of those videos with various different reviewers and the difficulties they were experiencing, I doubt I will be trying any Federal .308 ammo in my M&P 10. I do have Federal ammo in other calibers and have had no issues and good results. Just saying.... hope this might help. Check out some of the video reviews on the M&P AR-10 and form your own opinion. Good luck. Later.....Hi-Tek Rednek
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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